A Destination for Critical Thinking

In 2001, businessman and philanthropist John W. Kluge made a gift of historic Morven Farm to the University of Virginia for academic purposes and educational use. Located in southeastern Albemarle County near Monticello and Ash Lawn-Highland, Morven is situated in a remarkable neighborhood with a history of experimentation and innovation.

Overseen by the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, Morven Programs focuses on teaching, research, and outreach, reflecting the University of Virginia’s strategic priorities for global education, science and technology, and enhancement of the student experience. Initiatives include the Presidential Precinct, Morven Summer Institute, and Morven Kitchen Garden.

The Mandella Washington Fellows at Morven, June 2014

Morven Programs played a major role in the Young African Leaders Initiative this past summer. Five hundred emerging leaders from Africa--selected by the US Department of State out of 50,000 applicants--participated in the six week program at 20 select institutions around the country. The Presidential Precinct was selected as a host - a collaboration between the University of Virginia, Morven Farm, William and Mary, Monticello, Montpelier, and Ash-Lawn Highland. The program will be held every summer with new fellows for the next five years (Photo credit to the Presidential Precinct).

Emma Nicholson, Baroness of Winterbourne delivers a powerful keynote at "Responding to ISIS: Violence Against Women and Girls." The program, held at the University of Virginia, was co-sponsored by Morven Programs, the Women's Center, AMAR International, and The Presidential Precinct.

Morven Programs Residential Update: Check out the Hart Howerton Report below:

Morven needed a master plan and Hart Howerton, a nationally known architectural firm in New York and San Francisco helped UVA and UVAF develop one. Providing more than $100K in pro bono assistance, consultants ran a three-day planning charette at Morven in February with more than 70 participants. Findings were presented to UVA President Teresa Sullivan and Provost John Simon in May. As a result of the planning process, the Provost created a Morven Programs Committee, chaired by Jeff Legro, Vice Provost for Global Affairs and a Committee on Morven Residential, chaired by Stewart Gamage, Morven Programs Director. The University has approved moving forward with a $150K pre-construction planning effort to determine how overnight and meeting facilities accommodate expanded residential use.
Interested in Morven Programs' progress over the past five years? Check out our new Morven@5 report!