The University of Virginia Foundation supports the University of Virginia in its efforts to maintain the distinction of being one of the top public universities in the nation by providing innovative, yet prudent management of financial and real estate assets on behalf of the University.

Specifically, The Foundation uses and administers gifts, grants, and bequests for the benefit of the University; provides administrative and financial services to University entities, University-related foundations, or other entities involved in activities that support the University; and engages in matters pertaining to real property for the benefit of the University.

The Foundation is organized as a not-for-profit corporation and is supported entirely through fee-for service activities in keeping with its mission.

The composition of The Foundation’s board ensures that it will always act to further the aims of the University. Chaired by the Rector of the Board of Visitors or his/her designee, The Foundation Board of Directors includes selected members of the University’s Board of Visitors, the President, the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, and several senior members of the University administration, as well as distinguished members of the public.