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Morven Summer Institute

Interdisciplinary exploration of sustainability, design, food systems, and ecology

The Morven Summer Institute is an innovative summer program hosted at Morven Farm, an emerging landscape for interdisciplinary learning for the University of Virginia. At the Morven Summer Institute, undergraduate and graduate students with interests in sustainability, design, food systems, and ecology have the opportunity to escape traditional confines of the classroom while working on projects with real-world applications.

The Morven Summer Institute 2019

Students participating in the 2019 Summer Institute can select one 3-credit course from either (or both) of the 10-day summer blocks (Block A: May 18-May 29 & Block B: June 1-June 12). In conjunction with time spent in the classroom at Morven, this interdisciplinary program features guest speakers, field trips, active group discussions, and hands-on projects to ignite creative collaboration among students and faculty. Students from all years, departments, and outside Universities are welcome to join the Morven community for this unique program.

Detailed information about course offerings for the 2019 Morven Summer Institute can be found on the UVA Summer Session website here.

Block A: May 18 - May 29

PLAP 3160/GSVS 3160: Politics of Food
Paul Freedman

GSVS 3559/ARCH 3500/ARCH 5500: Sustainable Communities Phoebe Crisman

Block B: June 1 - June 12

PLAP 4500: Farmers Markets, Food Politics, and Research Methods

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